IT-BPO revenue may cross $48 bn

IT-BPO revenue may cross $48 bn
By: Bharat Jain
The Indian IT-BPO sector is projected to record a growth of 28% in 2006-07, both in the exports and domestic business firms. The revenues are liable to exceed the USD 47.8 billion, almost 10-fold increase over the aggregate revenue in 1998. The straight service presented by the segment is likely to cross 1.6 million. In 1998, the cumulative IT-BPO revenue was USD 4.8 billion.

Nasscom Strategic Review 2007 asserts that IT services exports accounts for 55-57 per cent of overall exports, is on the rise at 36 per cent and in 2006-07, it is looking forward to arrive at $18.1 billion.

With the share in the business-merge increasing speedily, newer areas of application and infrastructure management testing are gaining the grip of it. As a result of adopting a vertical focused approach; BPOs keep on growing in scale and scope with the firms more progressively.

In 2006-07, total BPO Services exports are hoping to go beyond $8.3 billion, rising by 32 per cent annually. India’s efforts in its own IP creation have been complemented due to its increased traction in the offshore product development and engineering services. This group is on the increase at 22-23 per cent and is expected to report $4.9 billion in exports in 2006-07. The domestic market is also lifting up.

In 2006-07, the whole size of the domestic market will likely to cross $15.9 billion, a growth of 21 per cent twelve-monthly. In the past few years, even though this segment has been guided by the multinationals, Indian firms are gradually gaining the floor.
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