Achieving financial freedom from home is probably one of the biggest desires for people today, and doing this specifically through a “MLM” or network marketing opportunity is the route most people take.

Unfortunately,if you take this road you are in for a very rude awakening. You see, the industry is changing, very fast, and you need to know about some unsettling insights.

The 1up and 2up programs like Edc gold, Roadmap to Riches,Emerald,Coastal Vacations,Passport to Wealth, Wealth Magnet,will not pay
you until you pay your sponsor with either your 1st or sometimes your 1st 2 sales depending on which program you join.

Residual income is something we all want and strive for, right? Well, the promises of the MLM industry with its residual income have steered us that direction. However, these promises are all but dead for the average person. What is the source of this?

1)Your organization is being depleted by constant attrition.

2)Your downline consists mainly of complaining reps who need constant attention.

3)You are only making a few hundred or few thousand dollars when you have put in the amount of work to make ten times that amount.

4)You are sick of the “gotcha” comp plans that actually cut your check because of the pyramid structure requirements.

So what should network marketers do?

It depends on what you want out of your business. Are you willing to deal with all of the negative things that come with this type of business? It doesn't matter what company you go with, you will face the same negative challenges stated above. You won't find a single product or plan that will fix it either.

There is a new concept called G.I.C. Generate Immediate Cash is the solution to tiny paychecks, and dead downlines.

I have joined my share of online programs...but I can honestly say that the Perfect Wealth Formula
is the best online business out there. There hasn’t been a product ever before that shows you precisely how to make
$400 - $1,000 on every sale and get paid immediate.
Perfect Wealth Formula has taken the art of profitable online marketing and turned it into a concise exact formula that could be followed by anyone.
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