Get Rid Of That Dandruff

By: Jim Brown
What could be more embarrassing than wearing a black top that turns polka-dot because of dandruff? Certainly, you don't want to be in such a predicament. Here are some tips that can help you sweep off those flakes.

1. Shampoo everyday. This is one of the easiest ways to do for you to say bye-bye to dandruff and send it down the drain. Shampooing will help rid of those excess oils that often cause dandruff.

2. Change shampoos. If you have noticed that your regular shampoo is doing nothing to remove dandruff, it is about time that you use an anti-dandruff shampoo. Yet if you can't decide which antidandruff shampoo to use, check the labels and make sure it has any of the following ingredients: Zinc Pyrithione (lessens the fungus), Salicylic Acid (works like a scrub in getting rid of dead skin), Selenium Sulfide (limits cell turnover and potentially lessens the fungus) and Ketoconazole (fights fungi).

3. Rotate three. Don't be shocked if someday your dandruff shampoo stops working and flakes will return. This only means that you have worked up the resistance to the active ingredients it contains. Thus, it is best to rotate three different brands of antidandruff shampoo. Each of which should have a different formulation and be used a month after another in alternate. In short, try one shampoo for a month then change to another brand in the next month and the third brand in the month after that and back to the first brand and so on and so forth.

4. Lather for two times. The first lather will remove the flakes and the excess oil build up on your scalp and hair. In short, the first lather simply clears what needs to be cleared so that the second lather works. Leave the second lather in your hair for five minutes before you rinse it. This should be enough time to let the shampoo penetrate your scalp down to the skin cells that need to be dealt with.

5. Cease those itchy fingers or else you'd end up having wounds in your scalp. But just in case you caused scratches on your scalp, stop using the medicated shampoo for the meantime. It'd be best to use baby shampoo until the scratches are healed.

6. Minimize the use of hair products. Mousses, gels and sprays contribute to the buildup of excess oils.

7. Get tar to work. If anti-dandruff shampoos are not working for you, use the remedy that's been used for over two centuries. However, it is always best to consult your doctor.

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